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Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC currently has a diagnostic laboratory focused on immunology and transplantation.  There is a need to expand its capability and establish a Center for Diagnostic Immunology and Transplantation.

Why it is important:
Broadening Children’s National  capability through a new center will:

  • Increase the number of children that can be treated
  • Expand  diagnosis and research ability
  • Enable the use of the newest technology for improved patient outcomes    
BE GREAT and Children’s National  are investing in kids by finding the cause of immune deficiency. A Center for Diagnostic Immunology and Transplantation can lead to:
  • Transformation in the field  for more effective treatments
  • Advanced training for the next generation of immunology transplant physicians
  • Diagnosing babies in-utero to increase their chance of a healthy future

Children's National Medical Center uniquely has the components needed for a successful center:

  • The only immunology-trained bone marrow transplant physician in the lower mid-Atlantic
  • Genetic testing, infectious disease and other specialists on-staff
  • The physical space to dedicate to a center, if sufficient funding is raised
  • The only exclusive provider of immunologic deficiency  pediatric care in the metropolitan Washington area
  • The only freestanding children’s hospital between Pennsylvania and Georgia

What is needed:
To establish the center, expansion to the diagnostic laboratory capability is necessary.  This requires an investment in equipment, personnel, PhD trained specialists and research staff; so that breakthrough results can be achieved. 

Goals of the Center for Diagnostic Immunology and Transplantation
  • Foster new diagnostic techniques and bring them to the clinical setting
  • Apply unique treatments to these small, rare patient groups and transform the field
  • Develop treatment protocols to improve outcomes for transplant patients with Severe Immune Diseases
  • Conduct research to improve diagnostic tools

What BE GREAT is doing about it
BE GREAT wants to see the Center for Diagnostic Immunology and Transplantation come to fruition.   We are sharing Alexander’s experiences to inform others about the unexpected journey that comes with the diagnosis of an immune deficiency.  Through our community and corporate events, we are raising funds to support the center’s development.  This program will directly impact our belief that every child deserves to be healthy and be great.

How you can help:
If you are interested in finding out more information about this program or becoming involved, contact us.  

Learn more, download our CDI&T vision document.
Are you inspired?
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