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The duration of hospital stay for a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patient and their supportive family members is varied across the population.  At a minimum the stay is at least three to four weeks.  Through the unexpected journey of immune deficiency, families may not have a full understanding of how to transition to the new reality of being “at home” in a hospital setting.  

Why it is important:
Preparation is critical, and it enables parents (and supportive care takers) to increase their awareness and allow for planning.  Most importantly, preparation creates the ability to offer patients  comfort during this life saving journey.  

Ensuring success in a hospital environment means understanding many things such as:

  1. Learning hospital terminology and “who is who”
  2. Understanding services available to the family
  3. Exploring the day in the life of a BMT patient and that of the family care giver
  4. Figuring out ways to normalize a very un-normal experience

As Alexander’s parents reflect on their experience, they were prepared for the BMT journey through their prior hospital  stays.  However,  not everyone on the BMT journey will  have prior hospital experience.   As more children are identified as immune deficient through the newborn screening process, the population of children admitted into BMT programs without prior infections or hospital stays will increase. 

A lack of hospital experience is likely to be very overwhelming to families who are already in high-stress situations, such as complex medical procedures and decisions.

What BE GREAT is doing about it:
BE GREAT has created an Orientation Session for Families embarking on this life saving journey for their child.  The sessions are facilitated by parents who have already been on the journey and understand where the family is in their thoughts and can share the things they wish someone had shared with them.    BE GREAT Foundation currently facilitates comfort and knowledge to incoming families to the BMT program at Children’s National Medical Center.


How you can help:
If you are interested in finding out more  information about this program or becoming involved, contact us.

Your financial support will help this program continue and expand this program beyond its current reach.  


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