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BE GREAT Foundation was established in November 2011 with every donation going toward helping children affected by immune deficiency.

Parents & Advocates
A key way to ensure positive outcomes for kids with immune deficiency is for parents and advocates to be prepared, confident and involved in the process. 
BE GREAT works to create BMT orientation and other programs to prepare parents and advocates.

Children’s Hospitals
Hospitals focused on pediatric care, such as Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., are where it all happens.  
BE GREAT works with children’s hospitals to improve treatments, programs for parents and access to advance medical equipment.

Medical Treatment
Newborn screening and improved treatments for immune deficiency are what can help cure more children.Hospitals and other care providers are the key to giving kids a chance to live healthy lives.  
BE GREAT works to improve curative treatments and early screening. 

Expectant Families

The generous gift of donating umbilical cord blood can save a life.The logistics of donation can be made easier.   
BE GREAT works with expectant parents and Be The Match who want to make this gift possible and change someone else’s life.
BE GREAT Foundation’s programs support children with immune deficiency by:

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